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7 Sites to Start Your Coupon Craze

With the proliferation and increasing popularity of group-buying sites on the internet, why not ride the bandwagon and see what the big deal is? No pun intended. I’ll help you start off and hopefully, your first voucher purchase won’t be your last.

1. Deal Grocer – What I really like about this site is the clean, uncluttered interface. Their exclusive deals are also relatively good and are updated every week. You can easily take the information on their deals at face value and if you choose not to, they have good customer service, replying promptly to your queries in their discussion board for each deal. Deal Grocer is pretty straightforward and as a result, I quickly developed a preference for this site. They also have a points system working up to higher membership levels. I can’t say what perks await those in the higher levels though as I’m still in the lower stratum.

2. Ensogo – They just got a recent facelift and a couple of improvements which, quite frankly, they needed. They’ve got lots to offer, but you’ll have to weed out the better deals yourself because some are just plain unappealing. Most of their restaurant offers used to require reservations days before, but they seem to have gone in a different direction now. Merchants may honor walk-in customers, subject to available seats. Ensogo has a cash rebate system for every purchase which is a sure plus considering that others only credit cash into your account for referrals. This is something I wish other sites would do. It sure would increase customer loyalty. They also have individual deal discussions which is generally helpful.

3. Groupon – Skeptical coupon newbies might feel safer buying their first coupons with a site bearing a familiar name. It’s not a guarantee, but it’ll be less stressful clicking that PAY button. They’re now frequently offering vacation packages with destinations outside the Philippines (but within Asia) and these don’t look so bad. New deals are updated daily and are available only for a few days which means you can’t dilly-dally while you mull over the colossal question on whether to buy or not. Validity is always set for 3 months. Groupon also offers regular deals in places outside Metro Manila such as Cebu and, recently, Davao. I’ve experienced no hitches here so far.

4. CashCashPinoy – I usually use this site for restaurant deals because they have a lot of decent ones, most of which don’t require reservations. I’m impulsive, so this is great for me. They have a reasonably diverse collection and you can count on them to have fresh deals everyday which stay for quite a while. On the flip side, some deals are lacking on the information (outdated contact numbers, no delivery details) and their customer service aren’t much help, either. If you have questions about a deal, it’s better to hold off buying and ask the merchant directly to clarify the terms. I’ve encountered a problem with a purchase here and since then I’ve stayed away from deals with ambiguous terms. Despite their shortcomings, I find myself coming back for more because of their various deals, most of which are just what I’m looking for.

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  • Scratch what I said before. I can't do a less than Twitter-length post! Otherwise, what use would be those tweets on the right? My posts will still be shorter from now on, though. And more focused on...something. Anyway, a new theme again. Simpler and cleaner this time. This will urge me to write more (not). I also got rid of a few text widgets that were beginning to look like an eyesore and added Meebo (which looks clunky). Let's see what that accomplishes. Classes are going to start soon and I am predicting a 10-month post drought. Stay tuned (or don't).
  • In view of the fact that I hardly have any new posts anymore since I don't know when, I'll be trying out a new way of blogging which in summary will work like this: less words + more often = more updated posts. That means some (or realistically, most) of my future posts will probably be less than Twitter-length.

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